Only complete this process if you’ve been notified of selection and module details.

Register for the online learning system

PDF version of these instructions
The online learning system is hosted by University of Victoria (UVic), Canada.

This process is straightforward but can take several days to complete – so please start the process now.

As you complete this process there are three items of information that you need to collect and record. We recommend that you record them immediately. They are:

  • Your V number
  • Your Netlink ID
  • Your Passcode

Step 1 Application for Your Netlink ID

In order to obtain a UVic affiliate Netlink ID,  go to this site and complete the form:

The form asks for your sponsor.The sponsor is Norah McRae, her email is is and her department is Co-operative Education and Career Services.

After submitting this request, you may need to wait up to five days for a response.

Step 2 Complete the set-up of Netlink ID

You will be sent an automated response which includes your V number.

Follow the instructions in this email to complete the set up of your Netlink ID

(Note your affiliate does not have a Netlink ID. You need to set this up)

Step 3 Verification Link

After following the instructions in that email, you will be sent a Verification link that must be used within 24 hours of receipt.

After following the Verification Link, you will receive a second automated response that includes your Netlink ID.

Step 4 Login

Using your Netlink ID and pass code log in to

This will create a Moodle ID, and allow UVic to enrol you in the course.

Step 5 Confirm

Send an email confirmation to that you have logged in to CourseSpaces

In a few days, you should see the course show up on your Dashboard.

Pass code is important

During this process, you were asked to set up a pass code.

You will need your Netlink, V number and pass code to access the online module.

If you lose the pass code, a new one can be obtained using your Netlink ID and V number at

Facilitators will send information and instructions about how to use the online system for the module.


If you have queries about this process, please contact