Global Perspectives – Module Timetable

Amended dates

Wk beg Aim of activity Preparation by participants Online activity by participants Facilitator
Feb 26

Now Mar 5

Introductions:  Getting to know other participants and familiarization with module Become familiar with online site – particularly two readings listed in Module Descriptor Participants and facilitators introduce themselves in the Discussion Forum online. All participants together All facilitators
Mar 5

Now Mar 12

Set readings Aim: to become familiar with initial readings in experiential learning theory (Learning outcome a) Read the two readings listed in Module Descriptor Post a brief review of one  reading (100 – 200 words) & contribute to online discussion in Discussion ForumAll participants together
Mar 12

Now Mar 19

Describing models of WIL Aims:

  • identify models of WIL and the theorists pertaining to that model
  • appreciate global perspective of WIL

(Learning outcomes a and b)

Prepare online posting Post brief description of model of WIL currently involved with and the predominant experiential learning perspective pertaining to that model (300 – 400 words)
Mar 19

Now Mar 26

As above Online discussion of the above

Easter Weekend March 29 – April 3. Webinars are scheduled for April 23. Alternative arrangements can be made to accommodate mid-semester break if needed

Mar 26

Now Apr 16

Preparation for webinar Participants prepare for webinar Book into one of the webinars Post description of a WIL problem (100 – 200 words) Online discussion of the above, with participants together
Apr 16
Now Apr 23
Webinar organisation and briefing Send slides & materials to facilitators
Apr  23

Now Apr 30

Webinar Aim: show how to create a learning environment (outcome a, b and c) At webinar prepare findings, identify for discussion a challenge faced by your model of WIL Participants in webinar groups Webinar  facilitators
Apr 30

Now May 7

Conclusion of module Final online discussion and conclusion to the module All facilitators