Modules offered for 2020

Offered March-May 2020

Dimensions of Quality for Work-Integrated Learning

(First offered in 2019)

Provides practitioners with the opportunity to explore the concept of quality in a WIL context from the perspective of all stakeholders and to reflect on practice and identify improvements to the quality of WIL programs.  Considers quality from the perspective of the student, educator, employer/host organisation, educator, institution and government.

Offered March-May 2020

Learning and Assessment in Work-Integrated Learning 

(New module for 2020)

Designing an assessment profile to evidence authentic learning including consideration of the nature of learning, WIL pedagogy, the purpose of assessment, challenges of implementing authentic assessment in the context of curriculum design.

Offered Oct-Nov 2020

Global Perspectives in Work-Integrated Learning

(First offered in 2015)

Provides practitioners the opportunity to enhance their understanding of the relationship between WIL and learning theory: how theory can inform WIL practice, models of WIL and current issues In WIL practice.

Offered Oct-Nov 2020

Industry and Community Engagement for Work-Integrated Learning

(First offered in 2017)

Provides practitioners with the opportunity to further their understanding of the importance of industry and community engagement for WIL and of strategies to enhance this engagement.  Challenges and opportunities for industry and community engagement are considered.

Cost, completion and certificate

  • All modules contain a strong emphasis on application of academic WIL literature to practice.
  • Modules are presented in English through online study – approx 20 hour’s preparation and participation.
  • Administration and set-up charge: AU$100 for members of the national associations named below; $175 for other participants. Charge payable on acceptance for a module after registration.
  • A certificate is issued those people who complete the module.

Expressions of interest

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Closing date for registration:  11th February, 2020 (March modules) and 21st August, 2020 (October modules)

Places may be limited so you may be restricted to participation in one module at a time.


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